Wednesday, July 28, 2010


msnbc yesterday reportedly saying that the international pop star charice to have botox done before appearing on fox tv network hit smusical sitcom "glee". looks to me like our little princess is feeling at home in hollywood... good for her, she should be, right?! i mean everybody wants to look their best on tv why not her. i don't see a big deal about it. if she wants something done to make herself look pretty i say why not. people put their best foot forward when on tv. if that's the case then why bother putting make up on right? exactly my point. so charice go for it. and i can't believe she's already 18. time flies when you're having fun.

the national - lemonworld


  1. warrup palang pans na pans ahhh...longkatuts baybehhh

  2. hehehe.. nahawa lang ako s 'yo