Friday, July 30, 2010

matt barnes wears no. 9

with all the hype surrounding the heat, our lakers quitely added yet another good defender. playing for the lakers is one dream come true according to a former ucla bruin who also played for the sacramento kings, clippers and golden state warriors promised to improve the team's perimeter defense. it all began with a text message sent by barnes to kobe  that ultimately led to him signing a two-year deal with the lakers. matt remembers what kobe had told him before " that anyone who's crazy enough to mess with me should be crazy enough to play with me" as matt and kobe were in a word war back in march when the magic rout the lakers by two. and that's true with ron-ron, i remember his long altercation with the black mamba in the playoffs last year, and look who artest is playing for now. where glad your here now.

the arcade fire - no cars go

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