Monday, August 2, 2010

miami's big three vs. the lakers' expandables

so kobe had surgery two weeks ago and andrew bynum had his knee done last week and both are expected to be ready by the start of the season this november. so miami fans... watch out! just kidding i'm not making any assumptions or prediction but i want the lakers playing in the finals again next june. i am really curious what the "big three" would bring to the table for the heat. i still think they have to connect with each other, the chemistry between them and who gets to do the last second shot! that'll be a big problem. with that being said it is a long season, so they have 82 games to figure each other out. pau and kobe didn't win their first season together so the same should be expected for the heat crew. but people in miami thinks otherwise.
rondo does not think so.... on his interview not  too long ago he was asked what he thinks of the heat. his reply... "we're not scared of them, we're scared of the lakers they're the team to beat and they(miami) haven't prove anything yet".

robert francis - junebug


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