Friday, August 6, 2010

robin or willie

hmmm.... is it too soon to judge robin? the guy clearly has no experience in hosting whatsoever. but you know what if the show don't succeed then you can't blame it on him entirely, i don't think asked for the job. perhaps he was offered a six figure annual salary he canot refused, who knows.
medyo mabagal pa si robin at tsaka mga joke na medyo limited lang yata ang nakaka-get, pero give it time baka maka-catch up din. i have to give to willie hands down. only difference is there will be no onscreen insults to the staff or contestants. alam mo na naman si wowowillie alang preno magsalita parang bisikleta ni noisey kundi (balat lang) eka nga ni randyb.
i guess the more appropriate question is looks or sense of humor. sure, robin looks amazingly good at 40(i wish i'd look like that when i turn 40) but willie was funny as hell and grandmas loved him but robin get the girls. i'll take the girls over grandmas anytime of the day but you gotta have approval from the grandmas to be with the girls in some part of the world.

club 8 - heaven


  1. robin looks amazingly good at 40, mukang nagkakabadinggerzihan na ah, hahaha...oy pahiram na lang ng sidecar mo para don ko na lang iaangkas yung third leg ko, di pala kasya sa bottle cage eh, hehehe...

  2. di naman volting phive lang hehehe..
    nb baka third pinky and sinasabi mo!!??lol.

  3. mukhang 3 way blowjers kayo ni welle and rubin ah...uuhhhmmmm wats going on here kuya boy A.