Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2010 nba schedule(important dates)

so this one came out yesterday... a few important dates to remember this upcoming nba season. los angeles lakers first game will be featured on tnt's doubleheader event late october, against the yao ming and the houston rockets. this will be good. the anticipation awaits yao's return from  a critical injury that kept him away from playing the whole season last year. also the 2nd game features the boston celtics vs. the miami heat, how exciting is that one huh?. for laker fans it will be i know you all want boston to school the heat especially if shaq signs with the celts(which last time i checked was pretty close).and then you have our mighty lakers against the heat on xmas day and we all know that was coming. that would one of the most watched tv program on tv this year guaranteed!! can't wait!!!!

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  1. aaahhh...this site should be if your nose is purple and gold...aaahhh

  2. you know that is a pretty good idea lance!!!
    bout shaq sa celtics na!!! kamot!!

  3. si shaq pampagulo lng sa celts yan eh mabagal gumalaw yun eh...di mag click for lake sho and heat on xmas, santa will be visiting los angeles and will make it a merry christmas to all angelinos...yah digggs

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